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Cloud security

What ‘the cloud’ brought to the table of IT security was definitely uplifting. It kept the possibility to have all the features and functionalities as in traditional IT methods, but also make their performance more structured, safe and agile.

When cloud security solutions stormed the market, all of a sudden, one could operate at much larger scale and still feel secure with data safely kept in the cloud, protected from theft, data leakage, and accident deletions. Data centers became powerful lightning rods of IT defense, allowing data storage in remote places and help of the providers with multiple data centers across the globe as the additional layer of protection. Meeting compliance requirements, especially important for big systems of public relevance, was made easier, with many cloud providers offering third-party audit reports.

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Nevertheless, as weather changes are inevitable, the evolution is needed in the cloud security industry as well, with respect to the new security threats and newly formed expectations and user experience habits.

Providing windshields for mobile users

The biggest players in the fields, such as Apple and Google, usually lead their way through the stormy weathers. However, a new concern can be seen on the horizon with respect to mobile security. Mobile devices are no longer safe heavens and they are becoming increasing targets of malware, privacy, and authentication access threats, despite the diversity of the operating systems used and costs of SMS attacks.

Predicting the focus of future malware attacks is part of timely security. That’s why big players need to provide security measures for mobile users in time.

Rethinking security strategies

Privacy issues and new regulations created to address them change the control paradigm. We no longer want big companies and systems to control our data, we want to have autonomy in a higher level of control how our data are being used, what we can access and how we can implement the desired level of data protection in a new, safer way.

We need a new strategy for security as the existing solutions are quickly becoming outdated and non-efficient. Traditional methods have always put protection in the locus of it all. Now we need to look beyond that and learn new ways of implementing more of AI security tools with encryption that prevents any data exposure in the case of a hacker attack.  As the amount of time we spend online is increasing, as well as the amount of important big data in the digital space, the possible damage escalates as well.

Cloud security as a new democracy battlefield

Whatever is left of democracy nowadays, we still need to protect it or pave the road to the democracies of the future. Digital security issues impose not only threats to individuals but also to the national and global systems. Personal data can be threatened for the sake of destabilization of a country or global market in the arena of digital war. Worldwide, there is a big lack of resources needed for important IT security field, and many of the systems of public importance are vulnerable due to being outdated or inadequate. Digital transformation strategies need to be treated as matters of national and global importance and it is our duty to at least raise awareness and pressure local and national governments to deal with these issues.

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We might not be able to control the actual weather, but we can do our best to control what is going on in the cloud. Equip yourself with the right tools that will include key Cloud security points such as your identity, access control, and data protection. And feel safe and prepared, come rain or shine.


If you need help in understanding Cloud security key points, we are willing to talk more about it and protect you from any possible stormy digital weather.


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