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Complete Employee Offboarding Checklist (2021)
April 5, 2021

Employees come and go throughout the years. As exciting as it is to hire new people, sometimes the path between employee and employer diverges. When an employee leaves your company, it’s necessary to have a thorough process in place to make the procedure smooth for everyone. Today we’re sharing with you our detailed Employee Offboarding Checklist which you can implement in your business.

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The Project Management Tools That Make All Jobs Easier (2021)
March 29, 2021

Successfully leading a project from start to finish is no easy task. So many things need to be considered before it’s even greenlit – budgeting, timeframes, the chances of success, etc. – and that’s usually the easy part. Once a project is approved, its appointed leaders (managers) take on the task of organizing and putting things in motion, then lead it step by step. Good project managers are hard to come by, and they’re valuable enough to make their salaries competitive in all business branches.

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Chief Information Officer (CIO) – All You Need To Know
March 22, 2021

A Chief Information Officer, or CIO for short, is the highest-ranked position in the Information Technology (IT) department of any company. In most company structures they represent they’re the senior executive in their department and answer directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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Why Business Expense Tracking Software Is Necessary (2021)
March 15, 2021

Proper expense tracking is vital for the financial health of any business. Understanding your company’s expenditure helps you plan your finances better in all business aspects.

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Why Your Company Must Use Task Tracking Software
March 8, 2021

Computers, the internet, and most recently smartphones – along with accompanying software – have increased our productivity immeasurably. By far the biggest change they brought to us is the continual information flow, which made task management significantly easier and more efficient.

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