Best Employee Performance Management Practices for 2021

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Proper employee management is among the most important parts of running a successful business.
How well your workforce performs is a direct reflection of how well the company is run.

There is no “best” way to evaluate your workers, every field of work is unique and faces different challenges.
That being said, there are some universally good practices every company should implement.

One of these is moving into the new age of business with the proper employee performance management system.

Defining Employee Performance

Employee performance can be summarized as how well your workforce performs based on important metrics, sometimes called Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Measuring and evaluating employee progress in their day-to-day work is arguably the most important task managers do.

Equally as important is figuring out the right amount of information to track and setting reasonable targets.

Focusing on too many things at once can unnecessarily overwhelm you and your employees while focusing on too little can narrow your understanding of company performance.

What Are the Most Important Employee Performance Metrics?

Different jobs will have different focal points.

However, some metric categories are essential to every business.

Time efficiency is a top priority for all companies.

This includes, but is not limited to, being on/off work on time, meeting expected deadlines, average tasks completion timeframe, responsible use of break time, etc.

Apart from time, quality and quantity are high-priority metrics that go hand in hand for most jobs.

Maintaining a balance of the two is essential, as focusing too much on one often leads to a decline in the other.

Finally, there are some employee metrics not important to the individual worker, but essential for understanding how well your company is organized.

These include things like employee cost efficiency, position turnover rate, worker overachievement, job satisfaction reports, and similar.

The Goal of Employee Performance Management

Performance management is one of the key indicators of a company’s success.

The elements of good employee performance management include things like:

  • Clearly defined goals and expectations
  • Quick and easy communication
  • Focus on essential KPIs
  • Openness to feedback from both sides
  • Opportunities for improvement

No matter how well set up your business is, companies live and die by their employees.

Poor work results can be attributed to bad management as often as 99 out of 100 times.

Pro Tip: Make important KPIs available to your employees on-demand – it will help them understand if they’re doing well or whether to make changes.

Workers dislike performance issues just as much as you and they will be glad to have this info sooner, rather than later.

Having a way of self-care for their performance increases their trust and job satisfaction.

The right employee management software can help you achieve this easily.

The Best Employee Performance Management Solutions

In this day and age, manual tracking of employee performance is as good as gone.

Everything is more or less automated and all data is stored digitally, allowing for quick information access and processing.

Likewise, the way we evaluate our workforce has also changed.

Your employees should not have to wait for your feedback each month/quarter to know how well they’re doing.

For best results, make sure to provide them with a platform that allows them to track their personal stats, report issues themselves, and ask for preemptive feedback or additional training.

There are plenty of hardware and software solutions out there, and you likely have some in use already.

However, to take things to the next level, we highly recommend using an employee performance management system, such as AppsCo One People.

The Ideal HR Management Solution

AppsCo One People has all the tools necessary to automate your HR processes with ONE app.

It’s completely Cloud-based, meaning you can access all its features and information with any device connected to the internet.

AppsCo One People can:

  • Track time efficiency
  • Assign and monitor tasks
  • Set deadlines and send reminders
  • Overview employee progress
  • Highlight issues and organize them by priority, and more

The employee interface allows your workers to self-evaluate their performance, by providing them real-time information and feedback.

But most importantly, AppsCo One People allows you to customize your KPIs and data reports, helping you focus on what matters to your company.

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