The Project Management Tools That Make All Jobs Easier (2021)

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Successfully leading a project from start to finish is no easy task.

So many things need to be considered before it’s even greenlit – budgeting, timeframes, the chances of success, etc. – and that’s usually the easy part.
Once a project is approved, its appointed leaders (managers) take on the task of organizing and putting things in motion, then lead it step by step.

Good project managers are hard to come by, and they’re valuable enough to make their salaries competitive in all business branches.

The Importance Of Efficient Project Management

In modern-day business, projects live or die depending on how well they’re managed.

This task can fall on a variety of people: senior employees, team leaders, or designated project managers.

At their disposal are a variety of tools – namely hardware and software.

Companies and managers who utilize tech to their advantage will always have an upper hand in the market.

Over the past two decades, “smart” solutions such as apps have become essential to staying competitive in any business branch.

The Modern-Day Project Management Tools

The difference between good and great project managers is their ability to utilize the tools available to them.

In today’s business world, acknowledging the advantage tech solutions bring is a sign of good leadership.

Having the best hardware (machines, computers, instruments) will only get you so far.

Using the right software not only allows you to manage your resources and employees but also provides suggestions and points out issues.

Here are some examples of these software tools:

Overview Dashboard

The days of tracking progress on the office whiteboard are gone.

Nowadays, progress can easily be tracked in real-time with cloud-based software, using built-in dashboards that track employees, resources, time, and much more.

Within a few clicks, you’re able to gather all the information you need in one place.

More immortally, the information is accurate and easily available to everyone.

Time Tracking Software

Time trackers are among the most utilized software because they’re useful to all businesses.

With time being arguably the most valuable resource, proper tracking gives plenty of insight into the health and progress of employees, tasks, projects, departments, and the company as a whole.

Recording work hours not only provides input into individual worker contribution, it’s also essential for payroll.

Both employees and managers can use the information gathered by time tracking software to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, a clear in-app digital calendar with holidays, important dates, and deadlines visible to everyone helps better organize workflow.

Task Tracking Software

Task management software goes hand in hand with time trackers.

Once a project is confirmed, separating it into smaller tasks, then assigning those to employees or groups is the most efficient way of tackling it.

Everyone from managers to employees should be able to track progress, gather information, submit feedback, and mark tasks as complete in one place.

Using a task management software that does all this and more can feel like using real-life cheat codes.

It’s hard to believe all this used to be done manually not too long ago.

Checklist Creator

Checklists are unavoidable on any project, no matter the size.

They serve as reminders for so many things, including item lists, necessary tasks, individual checkpoints, and so on.

They’re especially important to remind us of those minor procedures which are easily forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

Diagram and Chart Creators

It doesn’t matter how good you are at putting into words the benefits your project will have to the company.

Visually explaining the idea and its trajectory is much easier than communicating by the numbers.

Representing the data using diagrams and charts is not only easier to understand, it’s also more memorable.

Gantt charts are especially popular when it comes to project management.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Budgeting Software

Any business endeavor will have resources, most notably finances and people, allocated to it at the start.

The best project managers use apps such as budgeting software to determine the necessary funds, spread them out accordingly, and help the project stay in line.

These apps also help eliminate the question of when and where the funds were spent, making sure no resources are going to waste or being misused.

Your New Project Management App Is Here

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  • The built-in dashboard gives you a company-wide overview with plenty of useful info.
  • Use the app’s time tracker to increase the productivity of employees and save valuable time.
  • Delegate and supervise projects and their milestones using the task management tool.
  • Get reminders and never miss deadlines or important dates by using the in-app calendar.
  • Appointed admins can create checklist templates to add to tasks once they’re created.

Being cloud-based, all of its information can be accessed using a variety of devices.

The app is integrable with plenty of popular work software and is able to import and export data.

Best of all, these features are all packed within ONE user-friendly app.

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